Охота в Астрахани на шакалов, волков и лебедей


Youtube Review of Sunwayfoto T3640CM, IB-65 and SM-86 on a real hunt by ProHunter

This is a real hunt record and they carry Sunwayfoto Tripod Kit for the task and it work great!


T3640CM is originally designed for professional photographers who have extremely high requirements and use long telephoto lenses with heavy cameras. Thanks to all these features, it’s also proved to work great as a hunting tripod in this video! Made of lightweight yet strong carbon fiber of the highest quality, robust structure maintains absolute stability. Featuring innovative stable leg joints design which ensures the tripod legs will not loosen up from the apex due to frequent use. Super-fit silicone grip on the twist locks guarantee easy grip and swift operation of the twist locks on the extending and retracting of the leg sections. A 75mm bowl is included in the accessory bag so users can switch between the original apex and bowl for different applications. There are also extra mounting sockets available on the apex of the tripod providing connection to other accessories when needed in your shooting task.


IB-65 together with the T3640CM makes a great shooting tripod kit, is one very easy to install heavy-duty tripod head. This Top Apex Integral Ball Head is designed to be embedded in the apex of the tripod for a really low center of gravity which ensures better stability of the whole setup. The 65mm ball is capable of bearing up to 30KG and the fore-aft tilting angle is not bigger than 48 degrees preventing rollover of really heavy equipment. Ball also features swift lever-lock. Comes with a SDC-50 duo-lever clamp which has two ways of tightening by lever-release and screw-knob provide quick locking and fine tuning. (https://sunwayfoto-store.com/products/sunwayfoto-sdc-50-qr-quick-release-clamp-arca-swiss-rrs-dovetail-to-picatinny-adapter?_pos=1&_sid=0064953f7&_ss=r) It’s also compatible with both Arca swiss plates and Picatinny/NATO rails.

Note that we have got another new ballhead dedicated for hunting coming, the IB-60 (https://sunwayfoto-store.com/products/ib-60-inverted-ball-head-for-hunting-tripod-load-55lb25kg?_pos=1&_sid=25ef5bf3c&_ss=r), this robust tripod head features high load capacity as well as corresponding details for hunting/shooting applications as well.


SM-86 is a perfect match with the shooting tripod as an ideal rifle rest. This heavy-duty Arca saddle mount works great as a support to heavy equipment other than cameras to be mounted directly on Arca tripods. Really rugged and durable material, ergonomically designed big screw-knob provides easy grip hence swift changing of the clamping range for equipment of different sizes. With rubber pads inside which effectively protect clamped equipment from scratches as well. Very versatile and practical in use. It also comes with two Arca plates of different thickness for different applications, users need only switch either one desired and it’s fixed by two 3/8” screws. The OD green anodizing is different but easily hidden in the outdoors without attracting attention during hunting. BTW, there is also a smaller version of this saddle mount for your consideration, the very popular SM-76 here, https://sunwayfoto-store.com/products/sm-76-saddle-mount-rifle-adapter-for-tripod-arca-swiss-qr-plate?_pos=1&_sid=0024db9df&_ss=r


This rifle shooting rest is proved to work great on the hunt providing a really stable support and make things easy!

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