Carbon Fibre travel Sunwayfoto T2840CE Tripod, Lightweight carry backpacking street photography

Youtube review done by professional photographer Paul Compton from United Kingdom.

“I have two sunwayfoto tripod for some years and these have stood time well, this is another well made tripod just like its brother and sister this is made for long walks hiking travel and street, with its smaller size and lightweight carbon fibre 4 section legs its easy to carry.” Quoted from photographer’s youtube video introduction.

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Brief Introduction

T2480CE Explorer Series Carbon Fiber Tripod

T2840CE belongs to Sunwayfoto Explorer Series Carbon Fiber Tripods.Featuring excellent stability,waterproof capability and with center column, these are most popular models among professional photographers.

Below are more details of this tripod,

- T6061 Aluminum and carbon fiber main body material, elaborately CNC machined, providing great stablity of the tripod.Carbon fiber center column, hollowed-out apex and center column plate, making the whole tripod set lighter and ideal to take on the road.

- 4 Leg Sections with tube diameters of 0.75inch(19mm),0.87inch(22mm) 0.98inch(25mm) and 0.98inch 1.1inch(28mm),reaching as low as 3.93inch(10cm) and max height of 63inch(160cm). 3 Leg Angles of 23, 55 and 85 for daily shooting. The lightweight but strong carbon fiber leg tubes, combined with 1.57inch(40mm) lengthened friction tube shims between leg sections, maximize isolation and rigidity of the joints of fully extended legs. Load Capacity of 35.3lb(16kg).

- Sealed Twist Locks effectively prevent water, sand or dust from entering the locks and tubes, in this way extending the longevity of the tripod.Stable joints design effectively prevents loosening up of the tripod legs from the apex due to frequent use.

- New design counter weight hook on center column allows to hang your bag or backpack to further stabilize the tripod in windy conditions.

- Vent holes at the upper part of the leg tubes ensure efficient air inflow and exhaust when pulling or pushing back the leg tubes in order to extend and fold the tripod swiftly and smoothly. Quick action twist locks, wrapped with silicone for better grip, require only 1/4 of a turn to loosen or tighten.

 Manufacturer History

We established SUNWAYFOTO brand in 2011 owned by Zhongshan Sunwayfoto Photographic Equipment Co., LTD, which is a company dedicated to provide professional accessories and solution for photography and videography from the very beginning. Our company locates in Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province, China’s fastest developing area, here we also have high-quality partner manufacturers throughout the process. We have our own R&D team, engineering and machining, producing lines as well as sales department. Our main products lines are tripod, ball head and all types of related accessories, easy-to-carry video lights, as well as accessories for mobile phone, stabilizer, UAV and sports cameras, there are also special equipment we make for photography. Our types of gear and solution have been well accepted and recognized by professional photographers, film and television production team and Vloggers. 

SUNWAYFOTO aims to focus even more on demand from end users, and strive to make full use of its excellent R&D team and supply chains to provide most efficient solution for our customers worldwide.


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