Sunwayfoto Tripods ROCK! (TL3240CS-Q)

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By Andrew Shaw

“Super solid for videography, photography, and especially hunting or shooting. I've found this to be so versatile and I really appreciate the head options.  I own several products from Sunwayfoto and they're all high quality, check 'em out on amazon!” Quoted from Reviewer’s Youtube review introduction.


Manufacturer History

We established SUNWAYFOTO brand in 2011 owned by Zhongshan Sunwayfoto Photographic Equipment Co., LTD, which is a company dedicated to provide professional accessories and solution for photography and videography from the very beginning, and we added the shooting line products in recent years.

Our company locates in Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province, China’s fastest developing area, here we also have high-quality partner manufacturers throughout the process. We have our own R&D team, engineering and machining, producing lines as well as sales department. Our main products lines are tripod, ball head and all types of related accessories, easy-to-carry video lights, as well as accessories for mobile phone, stabilizer, UAV and sports cameras, there are also special equipment we make for photography. Our types of gear and solution have been well accepted and recognized by professional photographers, film and television production team and Vloggers. 

SUNWAYFOTO aims to focus even more on demand from end users, and strive to make full use of its excellent R&D team and supply chains to provide most efficient solution for our customers worldwide.


HERMES Series Carbon Fiber Tripod TL3240CS-Q Introduction

The newly-developed carbon fiber tripod kit TL3240CS-Q is one tripod ballhead combo specially designed for hunting and shooting. Featuring a very different flip-locks design, utilizing the SUNWAYFOTO tripod tube structure which is resistant to water and sand, ensuring this tripod kit is suitable to work under severe conditions outdoors.


Embedded ballhead design provides lower center of gravity hence better stability.

 Highly strong and durable T6061 aero-space grade aluminum main body material, carbon fiber leg tubes of the highest quality; Useful, Practical and Durable.

38mm Ball Diameter with 35 degrees tilting angle, which prevents the tripod from side tumbling due to over loaded equipment as well as ensuring sufficient shooting range.

40mm Lengthened friction tube shims between leg sections are maximizing isolation and mainly rigidity of the joints of fully extended legs.

Stable leg joints featuring innovative design of an anti-twisting inclined surface between the inner connecting part of the legs and screws, effectively prevents loosening of the tripod legs from the apex due to frequent use.

Light weight yet strong material carbon fiber leg tubes of 32/28/25/22mm respectively ensuring stable support. Folded length of the tripod is only 57cm/22in.

Tripod legs feature lever-release Flip locks, which ensure easy and quick locking of the leg tubes. The tightness of the lever-locks is also adjustable.

Ball diameter 38mm, with 35 degrees tilting angle, which prevents the tripod from side tumbling due to over loaded equipment. Arca Swiss Clamp, included with SP-60 QR Plate.

Fresh and natural exterior design with perfect color match of gray and green, easily hidden in the outdoors. Both rubber feet and stainless steel spikes included for different shooting environment.

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