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T3240CS Hunting Tripod Kit, SM-86 Shooting Saddle Mount and TSB-01 Tripod Stone Bag

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 Brief Introduction

T3240CS carbon fiber tripod rest is one tripod ballhead combo specially designed for hunting and shooting. It’s an ideal gun rest for sighting rifle.

Utilizing the SUNWAYFOTO tripod tube structure which is resistant to water, dust and sand, ensuring this tripod kit is suitable to work under severe conditions outdoors.

Embedded ballhead in the apex ensures lower center of gravity which provides better stability for this rifle shooting rest.

Key Features:

T6061 aero-space grade aluminum main body material, carbon fiber leg tubes of the highest quality making this rifle tripod stand for shooting highly strong and durable.

Provides with 360 degrees rotation with a tilting angle of 35 degrees.

The friction tube shims between leg sections are as long as 40mm maximizing isolation and mainly rigidity of the joints of fully extended legs.

Smooth extension and retraction of the legs, swift locking and unlocking. Vent holes at the upper part of the legs ensure efficient air inflow and exhaust when pulling or pushing back the leg tubes in order to extend and fold the tripod swiftly and smoothly.

Quick action twist locks, wrapped with silicone for better grip, require only 1/4 of a turn to loosen or tighten. Super-fit silicone lock grips do not slip even after long term submerging under water.

Featuring stable leg joints design. This innovative design of anti-twisting inclined surface between the inner connecting part of the legs and screws, effectively prevents loosening of the tripod legs from the apex due to frequent use. No need to tighten it repeatedly.

Light weight yet strong carbon fiber material, leg tube diameters of 32/28/25/22mm respectively ensuring stable support.

3 leg angles and folded length of only 55cm for easy carry.

Extra 1/4” mounting sockets provide connection to other equipment enriching the tripod functionality.

Both rubber feet and stainless steel spikes are included for users to choose either set according to the shooting environment.


This rifle tripod is compatible with our MLOK accessories, Picatinny Arca adapter plates as well as the Saddle mount SM-86, which is a heavy-duty mount for shooting. Elaborately CNC machined with type-III hard-anodized finish ensures it’s resistant to abrasion and corrosion. OD green color easily hidden in outdoors. With double-headed T-shaped screw structure at the base and protective rubber pads inside. Bigger triangular lock-knob reduces extra weight and ensures easy grip. Replaceable Arca QR plate attached at the base of the saddle mount, fixed by two 3/8” screws. Two Arca plates of different thickness are included for different applications.

 The TSB-01 Tripod Stone bag, streamline design with reduced air resistance, helps stabilize the tripod in windy conditions. Compatible with most tripods, such as photography tripods, rifle tripods, light stands and surveyor’s tripods. Separated in 3 pockets. Keep your gear handy, while further stabilizing your tripod in windy conditions by adding weight where needed. High-quality nylon material, resistant to tear, abrasion, corrosion and high temperature.

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