The Ultimate Milky Way Photography setup!

Benjamin Barakat, award-winning night sky photographer from Switzerland, featured in Forbes, National Geographic, CNN, BBC & many more. After last 4 years solely dedicated to Milky Way photography, this is Benjamin’s ultimate setup after testing everything out there on the market. Hope you enjoy the video.


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Featuring Sunwayfoto T2840CK, one compact and lightweight carbon fiber tripod without center column for city photography. Also another bigger and multi-functional carbon fiber tripod T3240CM, known for it’s weatherproof twist lock system, especially ideal for outdoor shooting; there are optional accessories of a dedicated center column (CC-3240CM), and bowl adapter TA-75LBP and TA-75LC. EB-52 and EB-44 Arca Swiss heads are from our Epic Series, with hollowed-out balls which effectively reduce extra weight for a lighter setup. There is a very useful monopod tilt head of the setup, the DT-03, comes with Arca Swiss lever-release clamp for swift locking; Ultra-lightweight with load capacity of 33lb(15KG). The tripod leveling base DYH-68B weighs not much but with high load capacity, widely applied in this these type of shooting tasks. PCLO-R5, Canon R5 plate also works with R6, one-piece L-bracket, like many other Sunwayfoto L-brackets, it’s custom made for a perfect fit and powerful functions. IRC-64 panoramic indexing rotator panning clamp, combines the advantages of both parts with compact structure yet exquisite functionality.

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