CARBON FIBER TRIPOD REVIEW (Sunwayfoto TL-2840CC) CZ457 17 HMR By Youtube Channel Midwest Long Range

“Trying out the sunwayfoto TL2840CC and using it how I would most likely use it in a real situation. Using a CZ457 17HMR from standing and sitting positions. ” Click and watch how this goes :-)

 TL2840CC Carbon Fiber Tripod

This tripod is dedicated to traveling. Featuring Sunwayfoto’s sealed lock weatherproofing system, which effectively prevents water, sand or dust from entering the locks and tubes, in this way ensuring the tripod is ideal to be used under severe environment outdoors. Compared with traditional tripods, the flip-locks provide efficient quick locking.

Highly Strong and Durable. T6061 grade aluminum main body material, carbon fiber tripod tubes of the highest quality; Hollowed-out design minimizes weight and maintains absolute stability. Net weight 3lb(1.4KG), max load capacity of 35lb(16KG);

Folded length 20”(50cm), Height of tripod with legs fully extended 56”(143cm), and min height goes to 8.3”(21cm)

4 Leg sections, 3 angles (23/55/85), height with legs extended 8.3~56in(21-143cm), tube diameters of 28/25/22/19mm.

Tripod tubes feature quick action lever locks for swift tightening, easy to operate and the tightness of the lever-locks are also adjustable.

Stable leg joints design of an anti-twisting inclined surface between the inner connecting part of the legs and screws, effectively prevents loosening of the tripod legs from the apex due to frequent use.

40mm Lengthened friction tube with shims as long as 40mm maximizing isolation and mainly rigidity of the joints of fully extended legs.

Center column diameter is 28mm, max height raised is 3.9”(10cm), and it rotates in 360 degrees horizontally, can be locked easily when needed. Counter-weight hook can be used to hang your bag or backpack to further stabilize the tripod in windy conditions.

Extra 1/4” mounting sockets reserved provide connection to other equipment enriching the tirpod functionality.

Dual-threaded and reversible stud of 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 standards, compatible with any ballhead or camera.

Perfect color match of gray and green, easily hidden in the outdoors when needed in outdoors.


This tripod goes well with different ballheads from Sunwayfoto, such as EB-44 (Epic Series tripod head, maximum hollowed-out design makes this line 20% lighter than its competitors, featuring ultra-light design for travelling, really compact with high locking strength, easily carried on the road.), XB-38 (Our heavy-duty XB Series ballheads, compact yet strong model, featuring low center of gravity which provides much better stability; ergonomically-designed knobs provide comfortable grip and easy adjustment as well as fine tune. Dual-notch design ensure easy swithing between horizontal and vertical), TH-40 (Another heavy-duty ballhead featuring low center of gravity and great stability, dual-360 degrees rotation function, 3 Knobs operation for quick adjustment and fine tune) or the IB-30 (Low Profile Inverted Ballhead with Picatinny/Nota Arca Swiss Adapter Clamp, specially designed for hunting applications with quick-locking and adjustable clamp width for better compability). IB-30 is a very popular choice in this field and Chris will get soon and he will do another review with the head equipped on the tripod!

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