Supporto "UNIVERSALE" ad anello per treppiedi - Sunwayfoto LS-75

Youtube Review of our very popular tripod mount ring/ lens collar LS-75 again by Italian Photographer Antonino La Spina and below is something about the photographer as well for your reference.


“Italian nature photographer with many followers. Very active on social networks and in particular on instagram, also very much followed on facebook and youtube channel.”





In this video, Antonino shows in details how this product is going to change the way you shoot for better! Not only Antonino, many other photographers are using this product for their shooting tasks and love it. Not only Italian photographers but many from worldwide and especially Spain recently :-)


Introduction of the Sunwayfoto LS-75,


Compared with the LS-63 which is dedicated to Sony cameras, the LS-75 is desgined to go with most of the camera brands in the market, such as Canon DSLR (6D/6D2/5D3/5D4/5DS/5DSR/50D/60D/70D/80D/90D), and Nikon DSLR (D600/D700/D750/D800/D850), Fujifilm XT4 and more. How to determine whether this is going to work for your camera, please check our page here for details,


More Features of the product,

- Aero-space grade aluminum material, elaborately CNC machined with high standard hard-anodized finish, making it extremely durable. The QR plate uses Arca-swiss dovetail structure, compatible with tripods or ballheads of different brands such as Arca-Swiss/RRS/SIRUI/BENRO/FOTOPRO/MARKINS.


- Easy Switching between Horiztonal and Vertical Shooting: Loosen the lock-knob and rotate the camera body to certain stop and then tighten the lock-knob to swicth the camera from horizontal to vertical position without removing the camera from ballhead.


- Clean Structure: Consists of an inner ring and an outer one. The inner ring is built with a camera plate to be attached on a camera base; and the outer ring is built with Arca-swiss plate at the base (with both 1/4 and 3/8 thread sockets available), can be mounted on different tripod heads


- Easy to Install: firstly attach the camera body on the lens support, then attach the lens on the camera and mount the whole set on the tripod via the Arca-swiss QR plate on the ballhead or mount on a tripod directly via the base thread socket.


- Better Stability: by using a lens collar, and install the whole camera and lens kit on a tripod via its base plate making the center of gravity lies between the camera and lens, which provides better balancing and stability.

✪LS-63 Sony camera dedicated: the inner diameter of the inner ring is 63.5mm, compatible with Sony α series, a7/a7ii/a7iii/a7iv/a9/a6400; Also works with Sony E series Sigma MC11 mount converter. The captive slot on the camera plate of the inner ring ensures better compatibility with different camera models.

✪LS-75 Works with cameras from different brands: the inner diameter of the inner ring is 75mm, adjustable height as well as captive slot design on the camera plate of the inner ring ensures better compatibility with Canon 5DIV and 5DIII, Nikon D850, D810 and D750 as well as Fujifilm XT4 etc. camera models.

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