Sunwayfoto Carbon Fiber tripods presentation

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Youtube review done by professional photographer Vlatko Rafeski from Republic of N.Macedonia


“This is a 15 minutes presentation of the Sunwayfoto carbon fiber tripods. This Chinese company is specialized in inventing and producing tripod generations for any purpose in the field of photography. Me as a brand ambassador feel the need to explain how safe durable and affordable are this tripods. This types of tripods beside the all types of photography for me as a landscape photographer are awesome during my landscape adventures.” Quoted from photographer’s youtube video introduction.


Vlatko is a famous landscape photographer also work as Nikon Ambassaor in the country. In this video, he presents all the Sunwayfoto tripods he has got, form the very early T2C40C to T3240CK, T2541CE and TT2340CE the most compact tripod kit for daily use.


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 Brief Introduction of the Tripods

T3240CK belongs to the Knight Series, compact without center column. These tripods aer designed without center column to reach even better stability in a more compact folded size. With their semi-automatic spring-back angle lock latches and swift twist locks, the tripods can be quickly set up, ideal for photojournalists and vloggers on daily use. T3240CK works well with the EB-44 balllhead as a traveling kit.


T2541CE comes frome the Ultracompact Sereis with special-shaped center column. These tripods feature the most compact and powerful structure. With their triangular shaped center column, the legs fold together closer minimizing the overall volume when packed. Easy to carry on the road, while maintaining the functionality of a traditional center column. Perfect match with EB-36.


TT2340CE tripod and ballhead kit belongs to SUNWAYFOTO latest Simplified Series tripods, dedicated for daily traveling. Compared with traditional tripods, it features lighter and smaller design, with easy operation, extremely ideal to travel bloggers for shooting Vlog and live broadcasting.


Besides the tripods, and their match EB series ballheads, there are also Nikon Z6II dideciated L-bracket PNLO-Z6II displayed. These are all designed and produced by Sunwayfoto.

 Manufacturer History

We established SUNWAYFOTO brand in 2011 owned by Zhongshan Sunwayfoto Photographic Equipment Co., LTD, which is a company dedicated to provide professional accessories and solution for photography and videography from the very beginning. Our company locates in Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province, China’s fastest developing area, here we also have high-quality partner manufacturers throughout the process. We have our own R&D team, engineering and machining, producing lines as well as sales department. Our main products lines are tripod, ball head and all types of related accessories, easy-to-carry video lights, as well as accessories for mobile phone, stabilizer, UAV and sports cameras, there are also special equipment we make for photography. Our types of gear and solution have been well accepted and recognized by professional photographers, film and television production team and Vloggers. 

SUNWAYFOTO aims to focus even more on demand from end users, and strive to make full use of its excellent R&D team and supply chains to provide most efficient solution for our customers worldwide. 

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