Sunwayfoto SM-86 Rifle Tripod Clamp at 1,000 yards!!

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By Andrew Shaw 

“Best deal on the market right now for a SOLID rifle clamp that I can easily recommend. ” Quoted from Reviewer’s Youtube review introduction, you may check for more details.

 This is another review done by Andrew regarding our shooting line products in field test. This time, other than the tripods, he reviewed one of our very popular and practical accessories, the saddle mount SM-86. Very easy to attach and support your equipment stably so you will be able to rotate and work conveniently in your task.


 SM-86 Arca Swiss Saddle Mount Introduction

 Belongs to our newly-developed shooting line products specialy designed for shooting tests and hunters and based on the original very popular SM-76, we made SM-86 and this bigger edition is capable of supporting even heavier equipment other than cameras to be mounted directly on Arca-Swiss standard tripod. It’s a perfect match with our XB-52 or IB-40 heavy-duty tripod head and T3640CM tripod as great shooting kit for ultra-steadiness and powerful functions.


T6061 Aluminum main body material, elaborately CNC machined with Type-III hard-anodized finish ensures it's resistant to corrosion and abrasion; Ideal to work outdoors under extremely harsh environment.OD green color easily hidden in outdoors

Replaceable Arca QR plate built at the base of the saddle mount, fixed by two 3/8” screws. Saddle mount can be mounted on Arca standard tripod directly via this QR plate. Two Arca plates of different thickness are included for different applications.

Double-headed T-shaped screw structure at the base, the center position will stay in place when adjusting the width of the base so as to ensure the precision of the equipment.Compatible with equipment width between 1.14inch (29mm) and 2.68inch (68mm)

Protective rubber pads on the inner side of the saddle increase friction with the loaded equipment and provide protection from scratches after powerful shock.

Bigger Triangle Lock-knob reduces extra weight and ensures easy operation even with gloves in winter.


Manufacturer History

We established SUNWAYFOTO brand in 2011 owned by Zhongshan Sunwayfoto Photographic Equipment Co., LTD, which is a company dedicated to provide professional accessories and solution for photography and videography from the very beginning, and we added the shooting line products in recent years.

Our company locates in Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province, China’s fastest developing area, here we also have high-quality partner manufacturers throughout the process. We have our own R&D team, engineering and machining, producing lines as well as sales department. Our main products lines are tripod, ball head and all types of related accessories, easy-to-carry video lights, as well as accessories for mobile phone, stabilizer, UAV and sports cameras, there are also special equipment we make for photography. Our types of gear and solution have been well accepted and recognized by professional photographers, film and television production team and Vloggers. 

SUNWAYFOTO aims to focus even more on demand from end users, and strive to make full use of its excellent R&D team and supply chains to provide most efficient solution for our customers worldwide.

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