Sunwayfoto QA-60G Quick Release Gimbal Setup and Overview As A Videographer

Sunwayfoto QA-60G Quick Release Gimbal Setup and Overview As A Videographer


Youtube Reivew by ThePandaPhotographer

In this video he showed us how easy it is to attach and detach his gimbal setup on and from the QA-60G, and described how neat, clean and functional this adapter kit is.


Sunwayfoto’s QA-60G is one quick adapter kit for easy switching of different equipment, from tripod, rail, monopod or extension tube during shooting. This quick adapter kit consists of a round quick adapter plate and a quick adapter base, with quick-release structure which ensures quick releasing of the adapter plate whenever needed, featuring really clean structure design. OD Green anodizing finish provides a distinctive look. Elaborately CNC machined from T6061 aero-space grade aluminum material ensuring it’s lightweight yet strong and durable.


It’s very easy to mount a ballhead directly on the adapter kit via the adapter plate and the 1/4”-3/8” bushing. You need to simply press the adapter plate with equipment loaded in the adapter base and it’s all set! The loaded equipment on the round plate will be able to rotate in 360 degrees on the base as desired. Also, to avoid the loaded equipment from shifting, you only need to use the included 2.5mm wrench to tighten the shifting set screw on the top of the plate and it’s fixed.


Featured quick release and lock. Turn the twist lock rightwards in counter-clockwise direction, the adapter plate will release automatically. Turn the twist lock leftwards in clockwise direction to lock the adapter plate and it’s immobilized.


This adapter kit is widely applicable and at an affordable price of only $49.99, via its 3/8-16 mounting socket at the base of the adapter base, it works well with tripods, slide rails, monopods and extension tubes.

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