Tall carbon fiber tripod Sunwayfoto T3240CSL


Tall carbon fiber tripod Sunwayfoto T3240CSL

Youtube review by Moondog Industries


T3240CSL is Sunwayfoto’s taller version tripod kit which is definitely an all arounder shooting/hunting tripod kit. Below is review details from Moondog Industries for your reference,


"The T3240CSL is a lightweight carbon fiber hunting tripod that is essentially identical to the T3240CS that I reviewed a few months ago. What makes the CSL version different is the “L” in its name for “Long”. The CSL is 0.5lbs heavier because it is a head taller at 62″ full extension.


The tripod has 4 carbon fiber leg segments that have o-ring environmental seals to keep moisture and dirt out of the mechanism. The feet are rubberizes pads which are screwed in using standard 3/8″ tripod threads. Without tools, they can be user replaced with stainless steel spikes that Sunwayfoto includes.


The legs can be splayed out up to 85º wide allowing the tripod to almost lay completely flat on the ground. This side angle is ideal for low shots with a camera or shooting prone with a rifle. It can also be angled out to a more moderate 55º to position the tripod for a sitting shooting position.


The aircraft grade aluminum base has additional 3/8″ and 1/4″ screw sockets to attach accessories and arms. Within the base is a sunken/reverse 40mm ballhead. This design creates a lower center of gravity while providing 360º of rotation and up to 35º of elevation tilt. The ballhead is locked into place with a curved arm formed to the shape of the circular base.


Atop the ballhead the CSL comes with an Arca-Swiss compatible head and plate. A locking quick-release lever and tension adjustment screw allow for secure mounting of after-market plates. Which I’ve discovered, may not be created to Swiss levels of engineering.


Interestingly, the sample tripod sent to me from Sunwayfoto has the Asian style clamp head, which is also NATO/Picatinny compatible. You can mount a firearms or accessory that has a Picatinny rail directly onto the ballhead. RSS holds the U.S. patent on this design, so this particular feature may not be present on tripods shipped from U.S. stores.


The tripod is rated with a load capacity of up to 55lbs. In my testing I found it could handle much higher loads. I weigh 175lbs and the tripod could handle my weight without the segment locks slipping.


At the range I found the CSL handled identically to the T3240CS. It had the same steady hold on my rifle. It’s carbon fiber legs soak up vibration while retaining repeatable position. While I may not need the extra height that the CSL affords, for taller shooters or for those competing in PRS/NRL matches with unorthodox positions, having the flexibility of extending the tripod out 62″ may be a game changer."


You may also want to check with a perfect match with this tripod the SM-86 Arca saddle mount, capable of supporting heavy equipment other than cameras to be mounted directly on Arca standard tripods.


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