SUNWAYFOTO CPH-02 Car Window Mount Adjustable Vehicle Clamp Mount with Tilt Pan Head Compact for Spotting Scope Monocular Binocular Telescope DSLR Camera with Arca Plate

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✪CPH-02: consisting of a two-way pan tilt head PH-02 and a CWM-55 car window mounting clamp. Elaborately CNC machined from aero-space grade aluminum material with high quality hard-coat anodizing, ensuring it’s resistant to abrasion and corrosion. Max load capacity of up to 11lb (5KG), weighing only 17.6lb (498g). Rugged and compact structure design provides a ultra-stable support for scopes, binoculars and cameras, which is capable of ensuring easy aiming at targets while sitting in a moving car. Also compatible with phone clamps and GOPRO brackets. Ideal for bird watching, wildlife observation and video shooting.

✪The two-way head is capable of panning in 360 degrees and tilt in 270 degrees which provides a large view range.The head can be locked at any angle desired by turning the handle and screw-knob.

✪Simply turn the handle to lock the tilt angle easily; The handle can be detached for easy carry and storage.

✪The base of the head is Arca QR plate which can be mounted on ballhead with Arca clamp directly; or be mounted on car window clamp or tripod with its 3/8” socket at the base.

✪The SAC-50L lever-release clamp ensures quick attachment and detachment, included with 50mm Arca Swiss QR Plate.

✪The CWM-55 car window mounting clamp can be installed on car windows and flat structures with a thickness of less than 16mm; it can be quickly installed and locked by turning the knob.
There are anti-skid rubber pads on both interior sides of the mounting clamp to effectively prevent scratches on the glass and to firmly clamp it to provide stable
support for the equipment being carried.

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