BS-01 Suction Cup Mount Ball Head for DSLR Camera

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BS-01 is one-piece pump vacuum suction mount with ballhead, consists of a vacuum air pump cup mount at the base and a ballhead on the top; compared with its competitors, the BS-01 is more multi-functional, safer and easier to use.

✪Cup mount diameter:4.6in.(117mm)

✪ Height:4in.(102mm)

✪ Ball Diameter:28mm

✪ Weight:14.7oz.(418g)

✪ Ballhead Load Capacity:22lb.(10KG)

✪ Suction force:165lb.(75KG)

 ✪The air pump suction cup mount adopts the principle of vacuum adsorption, which can be adsorbed on various smooth surfaces without holes; Whether it’s flat or curved, such as car body, hull, glass and plastic, etc.

✪When the warning line of the air pump button is exposed, press the air pump button on the suction cup several times to draw out the air in the suction cup until the warning line is not visible, indicating that the standard suction power is restored and you can continue to use it normally; very easy and safe to use.

✪The ballhead is built-in and can not be detached from the suction cup mount ensuring a reliable and stable setup, supports DSLR cameras firmly, as well as heavy professional equipment like camcorder;

✪Arca-swiss ballhead clamp with screw-knob for better compatibility with QR plates of different manufacturers. Anti-slip groove at the base and a PT-37 QR plate is included. The safety stop screws at the base also effectively prevent your camera from accidental dropping.

✪Pull the release tab of the suction cup upwards to refill the evacuated space instantly and remove the suction mount from the adsorption surface.

✪The 360 degrees panning clamp offers adjustment on any shooting angle desired which is an essential function on this suction mount kit.

✪3/8-16 and 1/4-20 mounting sockets at the base to connect with other equipment such as magic arm, mobile phone, GOPRO, DJI OSMO, video light, flashlight and microphone etc. enriching its functionality.



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