New toy, Sunwayfoto Carbon Fiber Tripod T3650CM

by Paul Compton

A Keen Landscape Photographer

Master series carbon fiber tripod, specially designed for professional photographers who have extremely high requirements and use long telephoto lenses with heavy cameras. Hollowed-out design minuses weight while maintaining absolute stability. Easy to switch between the platform and a replaceable bowl without any tool.


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Paul Compton

Paul Compton

I have had Sunwayfoto tripods and Geared Heads now for a few years, i have to say after using them in all weather conditions they are performing better than any other tripod i have used in all my time as a photographer. The rubber grips are as good as day one, the legs are still tight and i have not had to get a spanner on them, the head is spot on with fine control. I am very happy with all my Sunwayfoto products if you want to see me check out my channel and you will see videos on lots of the gear.. Thanks Sunwayfoto toy stuff…

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