Sunwayfoto GH-02 Gimbal head review

GH-02 Review done by Johan Chaves, you will find photographer’s brief introduction at the end of the following content.

“My first review video. In this review I talk about the reason I love my new SunwayFoto GH-02 gimbal head. I use this head professionally whether I am leading nature tours, wildlife photography excursions or simply doing portrait photography.

My gear sees serious field test in the tropical country of Costa Rica, so after 360+ hours of use on the field I decided to make this review video.” Quote from photographer’s YouTube video introduction. 

Sunwayfoto GH-02 Gimbal head is ideal for shooting subjects in motion, wild life photography and bird watching. A gimbal head allows you to track your subject in all directions effortlessly, eliminating the weight of your heavy lenses. GH-02 features ultra-light hollowed-out design, weighing only 980 gram, while it’s still very rigid and reliable. It’s capable of effectively balancing the lens and improve stability for exquisite shooting. Innovative safety system provides highest protection to camera body and telephoto lenses. Comes with a nice padded carrying case.

Displayed on the video also you will get a glance of our traveler tripod the T2840CE from our Explorer series which is super compact with center column. Water, dust and sand resistant tripod featuring our patented sealed twist lock weatherproofing system. Lightweight yet strong carbon fiber of the highest quality. Hollowed-out design minimizes weight while still maintaining absolute stability. 

“Johan Chaves is a very passionate naturalist and a dedicated hard-core birder who has been leading tours since 2005. He is the author of a book, "Wildlife of Manuel Antonio National park", a photographic wildlife that covers most of the wildlife typically seen at this beautiful national park.

He grew up in the country, south of Quepos and since the age of 14 has been intrigued by the natural world around him.

​His experience and knowledge comes from his studies in the Universidad Estatal a Distancia (UNED) and the National Learning Institute INA (A Government educational institution) where he took several programs and certifications, including Local tour guide, Specialized naturalist guide and General tour guide. He is trained in several important subjects such as History of Costa Rica, Costa Rica Geography with an emphasis on tourism, Natural history of Costa Rica (and its sub-branches including Birds, amphibians/reptiles, mammals, Lepidopera, Dendrology etc) tourism ethics, touristic legislation and various other coursers. However, Johan prefers to call the forest his favorite university, it is his direct contact with it that has allowed him to gather important experience to lead visitors into this beautiful natural world.

​During his initial steps as a guide he was inspired by a friend, who was an excellent naturalist but also an avid birder. He taught him a lot and got him into birding - a hobby and profession both practiced side by side and enjoyed many moments chasing birds around the country. Today he dedicates his birding service to the loving memory of his best friend Roy Orozco, who left this world but never our hearts on August 4th 2016. “

Quote from website,

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