Sunwayfoto T2841CE Ultra Compact Carbon Fibre Tripod: Review

“Sunwayfoto have 2 models in their new updated "Ultra compact" Carbon Fibre range. The T2841CE & T2541CE, both feature the same design, and some unusual touches such as a new style triangular central column, vented top legs, and weather sealing in the form of O rings on the twist locks and feet/spikes.

I take an in depth look at this tripod (the one shown here is the T2841CE), discuss some details and some of my thoughts using this model. I also show the optional "leg warmers/grips" (LWP-03 in digital camo)......”

 Youtube review from popular channel, Mr Baz Reviews, please check above link for details.

Brief Introduction

Belonging to our Ultra-compact series with special-shaped center column, the Sunwayfoto T2841CE is one compact camera tripod, ideal to work as a travel tripod due to its ultra-compact structure, while at the same time, capable of maintaining the fine details of a heavy duty tripod stand for different shooting tasks.

Key Features:

- Ultra-Compact Series Tripods feature the most compact and powerful structure.

With their triangular shaped center column, the legs fold together closer minimizing the overall volume when packed.

- Easy to carry on the road, while maintaining the functionality of a traditional center column.

- Quick Lever-lock swiftly locks the center column at desired hiehgt. High grade aluminum combined with curved lineso f the center column facets ensure maximum contact area with the apex, reaching highest locking strength and max load capacity.

- Sealed twist lock weatherproofing system effectively prevent water, sand or dust from entering the locks and tubes, in this way extending the longevity of the tripod stand.

- Excellent stability. The lightweight but strong carbon fiber leg tubes, combined with 40mm lengthened friction tube shims between leg sections, maximize isolation and rigidity of the joints of fully extended legs. Threaded connector between the carbon fiber tube and metal part with thread lock, effectively prevent loosening up after long time use.

- Smooth extension  and retraction of the legs, swift locking and unlocking. Quick action twist locks, wrapped with silicone for better grip, require only 1/4 of a turn to loosen or tighten. Super-fit silicone lock grips do not slip even after long term submerging under water.

- Stable joint structure effectively prevents loosening up of the tripod legs from the apex due to frequent use. No need to tighten it repeatedly.

- Rubber cushion pads increase friction between ballhead and tripod, and at the same time protect the base of the mounted equipment from scratches.

Included short and long center columns can be switched easily to meet different demands of photographers for high ow low shooting level.

- New design counter weight hook at the end of the center column allows to hang your bag or backpack to further stabilize the tripod in windy conditions.

- Extra 1/4” mounting sockets provide connection to other equipment enriching the tripod functionality.

- Choose either rubber feet or stainless steel spikes included according to the shooting environment.

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