SUNWAYFOTO TT2650CE Tripod use experience

There are many kinds of tripods. If you are looking for a light, fast, and easy-to-carry tripod, this article will be helpful to you.

Light weight and easy to carry

SUNWAYFOTO TT2650CE tripod weighs only 891 grams, very light and easy to carry, suitable for long-distance travel. Without complicated and unnecessary functions, this tripod features clean design and simple structure, stable and easy to operate.

This is one reverse-folding tripod with a minimum storage length of only 35cm, which can be easily put into a backpack or luggage case.

High-quality carbon fiber material ensures the TT2650CE is light and stable as well

High-quality carbon fiber tubes with tube diameters of 26/23/19/16/12mm, which provides stable support to the tripod and effectively reduces the overall weight. The official website claims the max load capacity to be 3kg. In my testing, I use a SONY A7R2 plus one all-metal 90mm lens, which is far more than 3 kg. Their rating is still conservative actually.

Easy to Use

Simply loosen, extend and tighten to get the tripod set up easily, really faster than setting up traditional tripods.

In this way, a lot of time can be saved, allowing photographers to focus on the photographic creation itself and improve the shooting efficiency.


  1. Hold the tripod footand turn it in counter-clockwisedirection to loose the leg tube;
  2. Extend the legtube to a desired height;
  3. Hold the tripod foot and turn it in clockwisedirection to lock the leg tube;
  4. Put the tripod on ground and press it a bit to make sure the leg tubes are tightened well before using

Leg Joint

Center Column Lock-lever

Left   Ballhead Main Knob    
Right  Panning Base Lock-knob

The black knurling screw-knob is Clamp Lock-knob

Clamp Panning Base Lock-knob

Tall and Stable

The tripod reaches up to 153CM which can easily meet the demand of most photographers.

The load capacity is 3KG, suitable for lenses within 200mm

Non-slip rubber feet effectively prevent accidental falling of the tripod.

Ground-level Shooting

Macro and some special scenes often require ultra-low camera-position shooting, and sometimes even close to the ground. The center column of TT2650CE is designed nicely so it can be quickly and easily unscrewed and replaced with a short one for ground level shooting conveniently.

Center Column Counter-weight Hook

Counter weight hook on center column allows to hang other stuff to increase stability of the tripod.

But careful not to overload the tripod.

Dual-Panoramic Ball head

It is equipped with a dual-panoramic ball head, which is convenient for 360 degrees stitching on uneven ground.

Extra Mounting Holes for More Functions

These extra 1/4” mounting holes provide connection to magic arm, phone clamp, video light and microphone etc. so we will be able to take photo and do live broadcast at the same time.

Thank you and hope it’s helpful.

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