52mm DSLR Camera Filters Kit, UV protection filter+ CPL polarizing filter+ FLD fluorescent filter (3pcs a pack)

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Comprehensive lens filters kit boasts a UV filter, a CPL polarizer filter, and a neutral density filter (ND4). Additionally, it includes a dedicated filter pouch and a microfiber cleaning cloth, ensuring you have the tools needed for flawless photography.

Lens filters are meticulously crafted from top-tier optical glass, featuring 18 layers of nanometer coatings. These coatings excel at reducing reflections, preserving the genuine colors and remarkable quality of your images. With a CNC frame design that enhances friction, installing and removing filters is swift and hassle-free.

The included microfiber cleaning cloth is engineered to be static-free, making it exceptionally effective at banishing dust and smudges from your precious lenses and cameras. The custom filter pouch accommodates up to three filters, simplifying transport and organization.

The UV filter provides robust lens protection and shields against UV ray distortion. The circular polarizing filter elevates color vibrancy and contrast, banishing glare from non-metallic surfaces like water and glass. The ND4 filter delivers a 2-stop light reduction, ideal for capturing captivating shots even on overcast days.

Prior to ordering, we recommend verifying your camera's lens thread size, typically indicated alongside a "Ø" (diameter) symbol on your lens.

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