Sunwayfoto 4040CS- Sunway’s BEST Hunting/Competition Tripod YET!

Sunwayfoto 4040CS- Sunway’s BEST Hunting/Competition Tripod YET!

Youtube Channel- GunTotinMinnesotan

Another excellent and detailed field test of Sunwayfoto’s T4040CS shooting tripod kit, latest model of the line. In this video, reviewer test the tripods in both indoors and outdoors, from standing position to prone, and this T4040CS proves to be capable of providing an ultra-stable support to his shooting equipment, really free his hands and no need to worry about loading the expensive equipment on.


T4040CS is one ideal rifle rest for both competition application as well as hunting outdoors. The most stable version of its tripod range.


Carbon Fiber Material and Robust build quality. Featuring the series’ prominent lever-lock design on the built-in ball head, this tripod provides very quick operation on locking it tight or swiftly loosen it for any angle shooting desired. Smoothly moving and easily locked, very intuitive operation. The embedded ballhead design ensures a lower center of gravity which guarantees extremely stable support to your heavy equipment in competition or hunting. 65mm ball diameter as well as 47.5 degrees tilting angle together effectively prevent the tripod from side tumbling due to over loaded equipment, you just do not need to worry about the safety of your expensive rifle and scope set.


As tall as 166cm, this model is the tallest edition of the range which meets the demand of most, with easily-adjust height and different angles. Comes with a screw-knob type clamp, it’s Arca-swiss standard and work well with all corresponding clamps and equipment conveniently. As the reviewer said, there is strong locking force and no need to worry about clamping force sufficient or not. There is another edition with a lever-lock clamp, the T4040CS-D which you may refer to if interested on below link,

The only difference between these two models lies in the clamp itself. Also, each tripod comes with an Arca QR-plate whenever needed.


SM-76 or SM-86 saddle mount makes perfect match with this tripod, together as a really steady and ideal shooting kit for most of your applications. These saddle mounts are Arca standard and are capable of supporting heavy equipment other than cameras to be mounted directly on Arca standard tripods. Elaborately CNC machined with type-III hard-anodized finish ensures they’re resistant to abrasion and corrosion. The SM-86 comes in both OD green and black color, you can choose either accordingly.


Besides the above, the T4040CS is also compatible with our M-LOK plates such as SMP-140 or the Picatinny Arca adapters NP-60 etc. accessories.


The tripod comes with rubber feet originally while a set of 3 stainless steel spikes also included in the accessory bag to be replaced when shooting on outdoor soft ground or sand, provide better grip.


All these come in a well-made tripod bag which serves as a carrying bag easily and storage of other small stuff.


If you are looking for one tall, well-built and really reliable and stable support shooting tripod kit for competition or hunting, the T4040CS definitely will be your choice on every aspect.


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