Sunwayfoto T3240CSL- Hunting Series Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit


Sunwayfoto T3240CSL- Hunting Series Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit

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In succession to the popular T3240CS, the T3240CSL is the taller version of an ideal rifle rest for both competition application as well as hunting outdoors. As tall as 156.5cm when legs fully extended, compact with ideal height for easier operation.


Carbon Fiber Material and Robust build quality. Featuring the series’ prominent lever-lock design on the built-in ball head, this tripod provides very quick operation on locking it tight or swiftly loosen it for any angle shooting desired. 360 degrees rotation with a tilting angle of 35 degrees which prevents side tumbling of heavy shooting kit loaded. Smoothly moving and easily locked, very intuitive operation. The embedded ballhead design ensures a lower center of gravity which guarantees extremely stable support to your heavy equipment in competition or hunting.


Sealed Twist Locks system effectively prevent water, sand or dust from entering the locks and tubes, in this way extending the longevity of the tripod. Quick action twist locks wrapped with silicone for better grip, require only 1/4 of a turn to loosen or tighten. Super-fit silicone lock grips do not slip even after long term submerging under water. The lightweight but strong carbon fiber leg tubes, combined with 40mm lengthened friction tube shims between leg sections, maximize isolation and rigidity of the joints of fully extended legs. Threaded connector between the carbon fiber tube and metal part with thread lock, effectively prevent loosening up after long time use.


Featuring very smooth extension and retraction of the legs, swift locking and unlocking. Vent holes at the upper part of the legs ensure efficient air inflow and exhaust when pulling or pushing back the leg tubes in order to extend and fold the tripod swiftly and smoothly. The stable joint structure also prevents loosening up of the tripod legs from the apex due to frequent use. Very rigid and durable.


The innovative reserved mounting sockets provide connection to other equipment enriching the tripod functionality. The SP-60 Arca QR plate also included, as well as a set of stainless steel tripod spikes for outdoor shooting on soft ground or sand to be able to provide better grip.


The included lever-lock release clamp ensures quick locking of the ball. It’s dual-standard clamp with better compatibility. Both Arca and Picatinny compatible dovetail groove design provides support to types of equipment and

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