Sunwayfoto Hunting Tripod T2830CS

Sunwayfoto Hunting Tripod T2830CS

Youtube review by Moondog Industries


This is one very detailed and useful video review of the carbon fiber shooting tripod T2830CS. Firstly, the Youtuber claims that this rifle rest is the lightest and easiest shooting and hunting tripod he’s ever come across, then he continues to introduce every design detail of this tripod and lastly shooting in the field test to prove this is the one to start if you are shooting off of a tripod!


The T2830CS at its affordable price yet with every fine detail of a shooting tripod can provide. Well made with great details, see how the Youtuber shows in the video, very smooth extension and retraction of the leg tubes, and how the parts fit well with each other to expel air on extending. The O-rings at the rubber feet which also ensure the tripod are nicely sealed. 3 Leg angle stops at 23, 55 and 85 degrees, users can adjust one or all of the three legs as desired in shooting. Simply pull the angle lock latch to select a desired angle, release and the latch will spring back automatically. He also notices there are extra 1/4” mounting sockets which provide connection to other equipment enriching the tripod functionality.


This is definitely one outdoor shooting tripod for starters of hunting applications. Its sealed twist locks effectively prevent water sand or dust from entering the locks and tubes, in this way extending the longevity of the tripod. With an embedded ballhead which ensures low center of gravity thus better stability in use, the ball features lever-release lock which also ensures quick and efficient locking when needed. Both Arca and Picatinny compatible dovetail groove design of the QR clamp provides support to types of equipment and accessories. The ballhead provides 360 degrees rotation and 35 degrees tilting so you get to move your rifle at any direction you like easily and smoothly.

With a load capacity of up to 44lb., this shooting tripod rest is ideal for many different rifles, and this is easy to carry with on your travel. The lightweight but strong carbon fiber leg tubes, combined with 40mm lengthened friction tube shims between leg sections, maximize isolation and rigidity of the joints of fully extended legs. Threaded connector between the carbon fiber tube and metal part with thread lock, effectively prevent loosening up after long time use.


Also, he mentions the T3240CS which is a sibling with bigger tube diameters and same embedded ballhead for better stability, same material and construction. The biggest difference between these two is the weight, T3240CS is about half a pound heavier than the T2830CS, you may choose either according to your shooting tasks.


After the details introduction, the Youtuber perform a field test of the T2830CS. He easily deploy the tripod under 22 seconds, and quickly attach the equipment on the tripod and all set. Shooting standing or shooting sitting, this tripod works great for your tasks.


Again, if you have never tried shooting off of a tripod, this is definitely the one to go for it’s affordable price, awesome quality and very nice details!

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