SUNWAYFOTO Tripod Range Review

SUNWAYFOTO Tripod Range Review

Youtube Review of Sunwayfoto TL3240CS-Q and SM-86 by Ron Wayne


In this video they try out several different firearms in the SUNWAYFOTO tripod at the range. There are many types of firearms showed/equipped on the TL3240CS-Q and SM-86 kit and they are proved to be a stable shooting tripod kit for the precision and more, awesome setup!


Here comes a little more details on the tripod TL3240CS-Q, one highly strong and durable carbon fiber shooting tripod, capable of providing a stable support to your shooting tasks, to make things easier. Featuring lever locks on both the ball locking as well as leg flipped locks ensuring swift locking of the ball and easy operation on the legs extension. Compared with traditional twist locks, this unique flipped locks are quicker and easier, simply open and close to be able to extend and retract the leg sections, plus, the tightness of the levers locks are adjustable according to what you preferred. Embedded ballhead ensures low center of gravity which provides a better stability on the whole setup. 38mm ball diameter with 35 degrees tilting angle, effectively prevents the tripod from side tumbling even loaded with really heavy equipment, seriously sturdy. The innovative design of an anti-twisting inclined surface between the inner connecting part of the legs and screws, effectively prevents loosening of the tripod legs from the apex due to frequent use. Also, the friction tube shims between leg sections are as long as 40mm maximizing isolation and mainly rigidity of the joints of fully extended legs. Tall enough setup for most people, while maintain its stability without any problems. Both rubber feet and stainless steel spikes are included in the accessory bag, on soft ground or sand, switch the original rubber feet to SS spikes for better grip.

Also, there are extra mounting sockets available on the apex of the tripod which provide connection to other equipment when needed, by attaching a magic arm, you can set a phone or other accessories on the side.


SM-86 is a perfect match with the shooting tripod as an ideal rifle rest. This heavy-duty Arca saddle mount works great as a support to heavy equipment other than cameras to be mounted directly on Arca tripods. Really rugged and durable material, ergonomically designed big screw-knob provides easy grip hence swift changing of the clamping range for equipment of different sizes. With rubber pads inside which effectively protect clamped equipment from scratches as well. Very versatile and practical in use. It also comes with two Arca plates of different thickness for different applications, users need only switch either one desired and it’s fixed by two 3/8” screws. The OD green anodizing is different but easily hidden in the outdoors without attracting attention during hunting. BTW, there is also a smaller version of this saddle mount for your consideration, the very popular SM-76 here,


This rifle rest for shooting is proved to work great for different firearms providing a really stable support and make it easy for your tasks!

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