SUNWAYFOTO T4020CSLI, 70” Tall Inverted Leg Series Carbon Fiber Tripod with 65mm Arca Ballhead, 40mm Tubes Two Section

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Style: T4020CSLI-D
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T4020CSLI is one integrated tripod ballhead kit. Featuring inverted tripod leg design whose bigger legs contact with ground providing stable support. Two leg sections of 36mm/40mm (diameter) ensure quick setup. Embedded ballhead provides a lower center of gravity hence better stability. There are combos with different accessories available for various applications.

Ball Diameter 65mm
Tube Diameters 3640mm
Max Height 184.5cm/ 72.6in 184.4cm/72.6in 184.3cm/72.6in 192.2cm/ 75.7in 193.9cm/ 76.3in
Min Height 19.1cm/7.5in 19.0cm/7.5in 18.9cm/7.4in 26.8cm/10.6in 28.5cm/11.2in
Folded Length 116.5cm/45.9in 116.4cm/45.8in 11 6.3cm/45.8in 1 24.2cm/48.9in 1 25.9cm/49.6in
Folded Diameter 1 52. 5mm/6.0in 1 52. 5mm/6.0in 1 52.5mm/6.0in 1 52.5mm/6.0in 1 52. 5mm/6.0in
Net Weight 2.48KG/5.5lb 2.50KG/5.5lb 2.50KG/5.5lb 3.02KG/6.7lb 3.08KG/6.8lb
Load Capacity 40KG/88.2lb
Leg Angles 23°,55°,85°
Leg Sections 2
Clamp SDC-50
Lever Clamp
Duo-Lever Clamp
Screw-knob Clamp
Lever Clamp
Lever Clamp
Saddle Mount / / / SM-76 SM-86
Accessories SP-60 SP-60,NP-60N SP-60,NP-60N SP-60 SP-60

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