SUNWAYFOTO T3240CM Tripod Review

Reviewed and published by Jose Luis Cantabrana Garcia, a photographer based in Sydney, in love with nature’s power and mesmerized by its endless changing beauty. Hope you will enjoy his review and find it informative and helpful.


Featuring another model from the Master Series, the T3240CM. Especially designed for professional photographers who have high requirements, using long telephoto lenses combined with heavy cameras. One of our most stable tripods with very high load capacity. Works either with a regular ball head on the top plate or when the top plate is replaced with a bowl, a leveling base a video head and other accessories. 44mm ballheads will be perfect match, such as XB-44DL as displayed in the review.



Quote from the reviewer,


In this Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod Review I am going to share with you my personal experience using this tripod of the Master Series from Sunwayfoto.


Are you tired of using heavy, clunky tripods that weigh you down and limit your photography potential? Look no further than the Sunwayfoto t3240cm tripod. This versatile, lightweight, and compact tripod will revolutionize your photography experience and open up new possibilities for your creative potential.


After spending more than 6 weeks photographing New Zealand and Iceland, I can't stress enough the importance of a sturdy tripod in landscape photography. During this time exploring these amazing and beautiful countries, I have encountered some of the most extreme and dramatic conditions I’ve ever experienced, from the torrent of glacier waters raging down the snowy mountains to crazy wind gusts blowing over 100km/h. Having a trusty tripod to face these severe situations is key to getting sharp photos and it becomes even more important when doing astrophotography.


As a professional landscape photographer, there are some things I consider when choosing a tripod: stability, lightweight, versatility and durability. I always look for a reliable tool to hold expensive equipment regardless of the conditions.


The Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod is being a dream to use, so let’s check it out! And keep reading to enjoy a special discount code for any Sunwayfoto product.




My experience with the Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod is really satisfactory. I’ve been using it for the last few months including a whole month in Iceland and worked like a charm, performing flawlessly in even the toughest conditions.


The Sunwayfoto T3240CM tripod proved to be an impressive piece of equipment during my time using it. Its versatile design, lightweight, and compact size made it a valuable addition to my photography setup. Despite some areas that could be improved, the T3240CM exceeded my expectations and solidified Sunwayfoto's rapid progress and strong positioning in the market where Sunwayfoto is leading the way in providing photographers with the tools they need to succeed. With the T3240CM tripod, they have once again demonstrated their commitment to providing photographers with reliable and effective tools.


I hope that this review of the Sunwayfoto T3240CM has helped to dispel any doubts you may have had about purchasing this tripod. Don't hesitate - the T3240CM tripod is a game-changer and will greatly enhance your photography experience!”


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